Frequently Asked Questions

What does El Barrio mean?
“Barrio” means district or neighborhood in Spanish. In slang terms, it can also mean ghetto.
Is this authentic mexican food?
Not exactly. Nearly all, if not all, of our menu items are inspired directly from various regional recipes throughout Mexico. However, we are not of Mexican descent, nor do we claim our dishes to taste exactly like you would experience in mexico. We do strive to make everything taste very good, though.
Do you take reservations?
What if I have a large group?
We can accommodate groups up to 10- 12 people- please allow for extra time to get tables this large together. Groups larger than 12 will be divided up into smaller parties.
I’m a vegetarian. Can I eat here?
Yes. We have a variety of options for vegetarians, as well as our customers with gluten-free needs.
I prefer to eat naturally raised products. Can I eat here?
Yes. All of our meats, seafood and poultry have been humanely raised on natural diets. For more information on where we source our products, just ask. As for our produce, we source locally and organically whenever possible.